Friday, April 6, 2012

Easy does it!

Yes you need to be easy. Just as good service should be easy to provide, easy is also good service:
Easy to do business with.  It is pretty straight forward if I make it very easy for my customers to do business with me I make it difficult for them to go elsewhere!
If you are happy with what you get – the whole package, you keep coming back – exactly the same reasons we all have favorite restaurants we keep going back to: we know what we are going to get and we are happy!
But what does easy mean? It means that a customer can reach you easily, ordering is straightforward, and delivery is smooth, that there are no surprises in the invoice and if something does go wrong I know you will fix it.  
How can you make it easy for your customers to reach you?
  • Be where the customer is Facebook, Twitter, Myspace… although they are not equally suited for customer care it is a place to start and the conversation can move to a better suited platform.
  •  Simple things like a on a webpage – make it easy to find contact information – it is astonishing how many homepages it is too difficult to find any contact information – and no a generic email address is not enough!
It is easy to order and pay?
  •  How many hoops does a potential customer have to jump through to order? What if there are questions is it easy to get help? When I do business on-line I love the live -chats were you get help from a customer care representative.
  •  How easy is it to pay? In Belgium for ex many time if I want to pay with credit card I need a small “digi-pass” to pay online – I hate that as I do not always have it with me – so if possible I opt for “paypall” – and if not possible there is a big chance that I won’t buy anything.
Delivery smooth and on-time
  •  As with anything else make a promise and keep it! If you say 3 days delivery – keep the 3 days delivery!
Nobody, not even your customers expects you to be perfect. But when things go wrong they expect you to fix it.
  •  Make it easy for the customer to reach you (see above).
  •  Always always always react quickly if something goes wrong if a customer contact    you – get all the facts and quickly find out how to make it right again! And tell the customer!
By giving good service you make it easy for your customers to stay with you!

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