Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lufthansa Got My Number

Twice during the last 3 weeks have I gotten a SMS from Lufthansa. Both times it was bad news, both times was I happy to receive it!

First SMS was after teen son and I traveled from Krakow to Brussels on the last plane and barely made our connection. Think something like this: Plane lands (on time) plane taxi a good 15 min (think we might actually have “driven” to another airport). Everybody disembark and wedge into waiting busses (we were lucky and chose the one that left first) Bus drives 7-8 min to terminal, everybody spills out and then we belt it across Frankfurt airport – seriously I think it is a good 1.5 km you have to run, snaking in and out between suitcases and the travelers who have more reasonable transfer times, down lifts and up lifts… and when we reached the gate they had already taken away the Brussels sign – but saw us and we made it as the absolutely last ones. Arriving in Brussels, Lufthansa have sent a SMS notifying us that unfortunately our luggage had not been as agile as us – and thus missed the Brussels flight (which judged by the reaction of ground staff in Brussels must happen a lot).  Anyway we knew straight away the luggage was not there – so instead of having to wait at the carousel until all luggage had arrived – we could continue to ground staff immediately, get everything sorted for delivery next morning. And more importantly be home before the dinner,  AlphaMale loving made, burnt.

Second SMS was this afternoon that my connecting flight from Munich to Brussels was cancelled – of course this is not a great SMS – but because I already knew 6 hours before (and 1 hour before I had to leave the office) I could call the service center and  re-book onto the late flight. When I arrived in Munich I overheard a fellow passenger try to do the same – but by then the late flight was full. So I felt pretty smug having done that already.

This by the way only works because these are all the SMS’s Lufthansa are sending me (except for a “gate change” once in a while – but still very happy to receive). If they tried to flog me services, special offers  and other stuff I would make sure my number  came off their list (even if it meant changing my number).
Only provide customers with the information they need, they will appreciate it even if it is bad news.

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